VMRdesigns web design Sydney

Time to move on

Like many web designers before me, I started my business with creative passion and a desire to build websites that looked beautiful, functioned perfectly and generated loads of traffic for my clients. That was eight years ago. I acquired the coding skills, got some practice and my freelance business was up and running. Each and every website I built was a learning experience and I met some fantastic people doing exciting things.

Over the years, The rise and rise of mobile devices, e-commerce, social media integration/marketing, analytics, security, website marketing and optimisation etc brought new challenges. The evolution of this industry has been so rapid that I find it impossible as a sole freelancer to be proficient in all the services that clients expect a web designer to have. I could have outsourced, sure, but that was never part of the plan. Instead, it's time to move on to something else.

Thanks to my wonderful friends that needed a website who were my first supporters. I'm so thankful to all of them for having the confidence in me to design and build the face of their businesses online. Thanks also to all those that approached me as I built up a client base. I wish you all every success!